GRAND JUNCTION 2015 - Results


The Grand Junction, Colorado Big Sky Open Results are in. See Results or Read the Story



The Grand Jucntion and Mesquite tournaments will have the “GoForIt” clay pigeon team events plus regular competition on the colored targets for prize money. The “best of the best” will receive an added bonus check if he or she wins both tournaments, concluding inMesquite. Both tournaments are NFAA PRO-SANCTIONED. 65-YARD-LANE-OF-SPONSORS

Major sponsors are Hoyt, Sportsmans Warehouse, Mathews, Inc., and Martin Archery, while Specialty Archery Products, Western Slope Auto Company, Jake’s Archery, the DoubleTree Hotel, and The US Archer Magazine are helping to Co-Sponsor the tournaments. Our thanks to all who are helping to make these fine tournaments possible for all the participating archers and spectators. A special thank you to our Co-Host, the Grand Mesa Bowmen who has helped with the tournament since its inception in the Grand Junction area.

Both weekends are going to be fun as we are planning some really cool things for the enjoyment of everyone. So make you plans, pack your bags, and come to Grand Junction and Mesquite for two very great weekends!


For more information, call 970-243-1319 or check the Colorado State Archery Association website, the Sportsmans Warehouse website, the NFAA Archery magazine or the US Archer magazine for registration BSO-MATHEWS-LINE-UP-2010 forms and more details. ALEX_PINGLE_W_FS_KRIS_WEAVER


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